An intoxicating announcement

You'd think it would be easy to make sure government stores don't sell liquor to minors. But, according to the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch's latest service plan, you'd be wrong. Last year, the branch promised those stores would be 85 percent compliant with a regulation requiring liquor licensees to ask anyone who appears to be under 25 for two pieces of identitifcation. But it fell somewhat short of that mark in fiscal 2005/06 - achieving just 69 percent compliance. Asked about that failure by Public Eye, Solicitor General John Les said, "That's a concern. It's a big concern for me. We want to make sure minors are not accessing liquor through government liquor stores. So I've asked the general manager for the LDB (Jay Chambers) to ensure that government liquor stores complying with those 2-ID requirements for those who appear to be 19 and younger - like everybody else has to comply."

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