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When last we spoke with Gary Collins, the former provincial finance minister had resigned as president of Harmony Airways to pursue "other career opportunities." And what might those be, you may wonder? Well, in an email sent to friends and associates minutes ago, Mr. Collins announced he'll be joining Belkin Industries as a senior vice-president. The following is an edited copy of that email.

Dear Friends and Associates,

I am very pleased to announce that effective April 1st I will be joining Belkin Industries as their Senior Vice President. It is a very dynamic group of companies headquartered here in Vancouver with interests in fields as diverse as Rogers Sugar, CHIP REIT, environmental services, Merchant Banking and Investment Services, as well as holdings in Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Stuart and his team.

All the best,

Gary Collins


OMG, Gary is "excited" ... what a horrible thought.

Gary leaves as Chief Executive Officer to become a Vice President.

Why did he take a step down the corporate ladder?

Sounds fishy to me....

I'm still trying to understand why he fell out of harmoney with the guys who gave him free landing rights when he bailed on Gordo not that long after the BC Rail mess.

Someone oughta tell Gary he's starting to look a bit disconnected, leaping from one pan to another like that.

In the early 1960s, after he lost his job in the BC Attorney-General's Ministry for accepting a CCF nomination, David Barrett had a job in the personnel branch of Belkin Paper Prods.

Congratulations to Gary ... Belkin is a very successful enterprise which should be a lot more stable than the uncertainty at Harmony Airways. I can guarantee you one thing, Belkin Industries will be around for a long time! Not sure the same can be said for good ole' HMY.

I guess David Ho can thank the Canadian Government for cooling off relations with China to the point that the eagerly awaited Approved Destination Status that Canada was supposed to get for Chinese tourists has been delayed by over a year. It may have even made Harmony a viable venture! No, methinks Gary showed how wise he really was by getting out from a soon to be sinking (air)ship when the getting was good.

Harmony is a great airlines...allot better than Westjet or Canadian. We used it to go to Hawaii and the service was fantastic!

To Hawaii, you say? And do they have politician specials by any chance?

And can Harmony get you to any BC or eastern Candians cities like Westjet or Air Canada do every day?

Gary is no dummy.

Who wants to go from one mudpuddle to another...?

Working with the very honourable Belkin family will be a respite from madness.

And until Spiderman untangles the raid "web", Gary's probably very happy (read: smart) to stay out of the political arena.

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