Where there's a way, there's a will?

Last week, we told you about a discussion paper being circulated by the provincial New Democrat's nomination review committee. That paper features a number of affirmative action proposals. But those aren't the only recommendations included in the report. The committee also reaffirmed that "nomination meetings held in constituencies whose executives willfully violate the regulations established by the Provincial may be declared null and void." Which is all well and good. But one wonders what Delta North legislator Guy Gentner thinks about that proposal. After all, Mr. Gentner was selected as the New Democrat candidate in that riding following a controversial nomination meeting - the result of which the party's executive council rejected. That is, until they appointed Mr. Gentner to that post! Other newsworthy suggestions in that report include a proposal "implement a ceiling on nomination expenses" - because, apparently, the New Democrats...uh...don't have one right now.

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