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Earlier, we reported the provincial New Democrat's nomination review committee - which has eight female members and four males - has advanced for discussion a suggestion that 50 percent of the party's candidates in the next election should be women. So here's some relevant numbers: presently, the Opposition caucus has 33 members, of which seven are women. That means, assuming all the men run for re-election, there will be room for just 13 more males on the New Democrat slate in 2009. The following is a complete copy of the committee's membership, as listed in its Changing the Nomination Process report.

Appendix A: Committee Information


- Marianne Alto
- Jeanette Ashe
- Katrine Conroy, MLA
- Sav Dhaliwal
- Cheryl Hewitt, Co-Chair
- Jarrah Hodge
- Glen MacInnes
- Cathy McGregor
- Glen Sanford, Co-Chair
- Lorraine Shore
- Tom Sigurdson
- Jessie Uppal


The Committee may be contacted through either of the Co-Chairs:

Cheryl Hewitt

Glen Sanford


I'm not from BC, but I am a Dipper and have a Y chromosome, and I don't see a problem with that at all.

If a progressive party like the NDP has such an abysmal female presence in caucus, they should, if they're serious about attracting the female voters they need, ensure their slate of candidates is more gender balanced in the next election.

I'd prefer the BC NDP see how BC-STV can be good for them, but I can't fault them on this initiative (and that's a whole other topic).

The operative word is SHOULD just as it says in the article.

What if a tran-sexual runs (it would appear they are being recruited)? Will she be a he? or he a she? What does this do the numbers?

Only in the NDP...on the fringe, for the fringe.

These proposals were put forward by a committee that took its direction from people who can be fairly described as headquarters and Vancouver-Burnaby area activists. They believe passionately in what they are doing, and regard dissent or disagreement as a product of intolerance.

They have put forward specific percentages they wish to achieve among the party's candidates. But ask any one of these activists what percentage of the NDP's paid-up membership is women, or youth, or minorities, or Aboriginals, or LGBT, ... and they will tell you no one knows, the membership records don't contain that information. Without that information, how do local riding associations go about recruiting people from these demographics? And just how ambitious is the 65% goal when compared to the party's existing membership base?

Furthermore, if you assume that incumbent MLAs will be renominated, then nominations in ridings the party hopes to pick up will, given the global percentage targets, have to be pretty much 100% women and other designated groups.

So what should we do about male midgets? Should we include them in the male politician category since most male politicians suffer from the "little" man syndrome.

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