California Dreamin'

On Saturday, The Vancouver Sun's Miro Cernetig reported Premier Gordon Campbell is "planning to launch a major 'green initiative' next week that will follow much of the script that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has laid down in California to combat global warming." In fact, Public Eye has learned the Campbell administration has been consulting with the California government since Christmas as part of its environmental policy development process. And that consultation has included a visit from former California Environmental Protection Agency secretary Terry Tamminen, who met with Premier Campbell and his deputy minister Jessica McDonald (among others).


If Campbell had all that time to meet with the California administration, how come he had to cancel the fall sitting of the legislature and several months of meeting with British Columbia's New Democrat elected representatives, who provided the political impetus forcing Campbell to make these concessions to the environment in the first place?

At least we are back to democracy tomorrow...

"The best activities for your health are pumping and humping".
-Arnold Schwarzenegger-

I guess we can add falling in line with alarmist sirens about what "may" happen decades from now?

Hope not.

Changing course, within reason, is necessary, no one argues that, but Schwarzenegger's plan actually makes sense above all else, even though parts of it do not apply to B.C. It's sensible, by and large. It does not lap up Al Bore's
"A Convenient Lie" and does not pander to utter wingnuts like Suzuki (fishing in any Native protected waters lately Davey-baby?).

Let's wait and see what Gordon does.

And while I may have felt better about a fall sitting myself...a fall sitting with whom? We have an opposition party in this Province?

Be serious Morgan.

Alex, the BC Liberals clearly and specifically said they would have fall sessions, it was part of their campaign platform in 2001.

So what is now? They had their 4 fall sessions and now decide since the NDP is weak, they don't need fall sittings and can safely throw away their
idea of fall sittings?

Makes as much sense as those nutty "open cabinet sessions" that Campbell had that were nothing more than publicity excercises and not real Cabinet sessions in that the real detailed decisions were made - quite rightly - behind the
pine doors in the Cabinet office.

As for your remark about David Suzuki, you're right there. I gather that if he goes camping, I'm sure he has a roll of Scotties bleached paper rather than using big natural green leaves or moss after taking a dump in the forest.

Probably uses a rip-stop nylon tent too.

"A Convenient Lie" offers Global Warming denier Alex the "truth surgeon" Tsakumis.

Alex, take a big breath and then hold it.

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