Paging Nostradamus

Thanks to an offensive email, Bill Bennett resigned earlier this week as the minister of state for mining. But will he be returning to the executive council? In an interview with Public Eye, Fernie Mayor Randal Macnair said Mr. Bennett publicly predicted Wednesday that he would be back in cabinet. But Mr. Bennett said Mayor Macnair's got it wrong. "I don't think I predicted that at all. I said" - at a Rotary Club luncheon - "I'd like someday to be back in cabinet. I think that's different than predicting. I have no idea whether the premier is disposed toward that or not. It's not up to me anyway." He then added, "There were some folks there who don't support me politically. So I would anticipate they would be doing things that are not supportive of me politically."


Did you ask him if there were any spies working against him at the luncheon?

Maybe he was just speculating on the anticipated length of Kevin Kreuger's tenure as his replacement.

Either that or he's opted to pick up Kreuger's specialty of blathering away on just about anything now that the Kamloops North-Thompson MLA has to learn to shut up.

After all, it's a long way from Cranbrook to Victoria for a backbencher.

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