Faint praise?

If provincial New Democrat health critic Adrian Dix was a movie, he'd be the critic's favourite. Canadian Press reporter Dirk Meissner, for example, has described the Vancouver-Kingsway legislator as being "very adept at raising the profile of any issue he wants to seize." And Global BCTV legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey named him "the most effective NDP MLA when it comes to holding the Liberals accountable." These quotes (and 19 more) can be found on the legislator's Webpage. But it seems the press gallery doesn't seem to have nearly as much to say about New Democrat leader Carole James. She has just three quotes listed on her page. Surely there must be a backlog of praise just waiting to be posted?!


Dix has basically carried the entire useless Opposition bench on his back. He is, in one word, excellent.

He is, in one word, adequate. The fact that the rest of the Opposition is useless doesn't make him excellent. In fact, he pales in comparison to the opposition NDP in the late 80's with Clark and Sihota behind the bench.

Hmmm... so Adrian Dix has twenty positive quotes on his webpage, while Carole James has three. Seems to me there's more than one way to interpret that fact.

Adrian Dix is the kind of candidate who can draw considerable support from across the political spectrum.

The hard left in the NDP like Adrian because he will plant the party square on the left-wing of the political spectrum.

The right-wing media and other Liberal supporters promote Adrian because he will plant the party square on the left-wing of the political spectrum. Oh, and, I forgot to mention, destroy the party in the process.

Many of us in the Indigenous community like Adrian Dix for his hard hitting questions about the Ministry of Child and Family Development and the ongoing and very worrisome history there, ancient and recent. To assume that all of us are content with the recent activities occurring in this ministry would be a big mistake. Hopefully the new critic will be as focussed as was Dix.

Sure hard to satisfy folks. Dix works like a dog, and gets stuff abut health issues often before the Minister. Does that make him a bad MLA. Does that mean the other critics arn't doing a good job? Does it mean he is more effectrive than the leader who put him there? The Children and Family Ministry was doing a lot of wheel spinning under Good Old Stan Hagen and Dix did a great job on that place.He sure must have a lot of contacts and knows how to use themm.
The new critic appears pretty sharp as well. It's very easy to pick at critics. But lets not forget the Liberal side of the mix has luminaries like Keven Kruger( Gordon Cambell is just the best there is at anything. Sucking up gets you a job eventually) Most folks wouldn't recognize most of the Cabinet Ministers either in question period, or in any public place at least until they fall on their faces. Some just sit there hoping that no one will ask them a question. Methinks some posters here are too ready to attack an opposition but havee a blind eye for the government side of the house. ain't politics grand?

He strikes me as the puppet with a few MLAs and unions pulling the strings behind his back. While Adrian Dix appears become the next opposition party leader, it looks to me that he will only be succeeding Carol after 2009. (Adrian is not ready to take the party to a victory against Campbell and he will be running against the favourite of establishment donors, Kevin Falcon, in 2013.

But people are already plotting against the Carol people and I would say that Mike Farnworth is not going to be able to "make an impact" in the next NDP leadership election. Before that though, the next nomination events across BC for NDP will be the ugliest ever as the first real battle between Carol and Adrian. The next twelve months will be the last peaceful time Carol gets to strengthen her faction as Adrian people have been doing soapparently since the second week of their legislature sessions.

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