Bennett resigns from cabinet!

Earlier, we exclusively told you about a heated email exchange between Minister of State for Mining Bill Bennett and Fernie Rod and Gun Club president Maarten Hart. Speaking first with Public Eye, Minister Bennett commented, "I not only think (my email) was inappropriate, it was stupid on my part. I was very angry and frustrated because I just spent three hours reviewing an issue that was very important to hunters. And when I came across this email slagging me and the government it seemed ungrateful. And I responded very badly. And I have offered my resignation to the premier. And he has accepted it."


Talk about sucking it up and calling it like it is. "I screwed up and I know I gotta go." In as much as the email exchange was wrong his resignation statements are refreshing.

Really dumb, inappropriate and self-indulgent.
But a firing offence? Seems like a simple, real apology for rudeness might have satisfied most peoples' concerns.

Willcocks is right. This is an apology offence.

If Mr. Bennett's comments were atypical of his demeanor with constituents with whom he disagreed, he may have gotten away with an apology. But Mr. Bennett routinely treats those he opposes with vitriol and disrespect not fitting a Minister of State. This was the first instance, perhaps, of his having gotten caught 'on paper'. His departure was overdue. Premiere Campbell should be commended - not Mr. Bennet - for demanding Mr. Bennett's immediate resignation.

Miss Manners would not approve of Mr. Bennett's conduct.

Augh, this is sooo shocking.

Sorry Paul, If he apologises the libs wear it for months. He resigns, it's gone with him. I don't think Campbell "demanded" the resignation as much as accepted it when offered.

I have to start with some self disclosure. I do not support Gordon Cambpell or the Liberals. To be fair I don't think Bennett should have resigned and I don't think Campbell should have accetped the resignation.

If driving drunk is an apology offence than I guess this one is too...

Refreshingly honest? Standards certainly change with distance from Ottawa! Remember the hullabaloo over Carolyn Parrish & Chretien's aide? (..and they a mere backbencher & functionary vs. a Cabinet Minister.)

The Premier had no choice but to react decisively once word got out, or he'd have had a real international incident on his hands. His Minister expressed antipathy towards Americans in general and basically implied the U.S. government was using an ex-pat anti-capitalist to spy on Canada (...which to me sounded more bizarrely paranoid than refreshingly honest.)

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