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Speaking of 2010 LegaciesNow, did you know Janet Fraser - who served as Gordon Campbell's executive assistant when he was mayor of Vancouver and president of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities - is now working for that non-profit society? Neither did we. But, in an interview with Public Eye, LegaciesNow communications director Karen McDonald explained Ms. Fraser has, "been under contract as a service provider to us around our engagement with municipalities for the physical activity and healthy living program. So she's a liaison between us and (the Union of British Columbia Municipalities) and some of the member communities, in terms of promoting different physical activities and healthy living initiatives. So she'll coordinate our community excellence awards with UBCM for local government partnerships that support physical activity and healthy living."

Ms. McDonald added Ms. Fraser has a renewable contract with LegaciesNow, which was first awarded in April 2005. She didn't disclose the exact value of the work, except to say that it was under $25,000 - and, therefore, didn't need to go through a competitive bid process. "Janet obviously had a distinct set of skills which would be helpful in implementing the program," explained Ms. McDonald.

Public Eye recently reported a woman sharing Ms. Fraser's name wrote a letter to The Province, defending the premier's special advisor Ken Dobell against conflict of interest allegations. Mr. Dobell - a member of LegaciesNow's board of directors - would have worked with Ms. Fraser when he was Vancouver's city manager.

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