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Back in August, we reported Non-Partisan Association board member Allen Langdon had left his job at Reputations Corp. to become the Spirit of British Columbia community committees director at 2010 LegaciesNow. But it turns he's still working with the Vancouver public relations firm - in a roundabout sort of way. In an interview with Public Eye, LegaciesNow communications director Karen McDonald confirmed Reputations will be managing the launch of this year's Spirit of British Columbia Week - which celebrates the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

"This is the third year we've done the Spirit of B.C. kick-off," Ms. McDonald explained. "The first year it was Curve Communications who delivered that service. Last year, Reputations won the tender and Allen was the project lead. He has since come to work with us on the Spirit of B.C. program. And he participated as a member of a committee that reviewed the proposals and decided on Reputations for this year."

Five companies, including Reputations, were asked to compete for that contract back in December. When asked whether LegaciesNow had any concerns about Mr. Langdon being a member of the committee which awarding that contract, Ms. McDonald replied, "No, because he's the director of the program. A full evaluation was done. And we countered any potential conflict there by ensuring there were others, five of us in the room, who were making that (award) determination - including the CFO (Sheryl Lee)."

Ms. McDonald declined to provide the value of Reputation's contract. LegaciesNow, a non-profit society which exists outside the jurisidiction of the government's freedom of information legislation, has received $130 million from the Campbell administration to "develop sustainable legacies" in the areas of "sport and recreation, arts, literacy and volunteerism."


As much as I have been supportive of the Games I am starting to get truly tired of all this hi-priced spin doctoring crap. Spirit of 2010, Spirit of BC, Legacies Now, does it end?

I think we all get the concept of the Games, do we really need three more years of spin to sell it to us?

Enough already !

Kevin, it doesn't end quite yet. There'll be Spirit Squares opening across the province. Yup, some good spirits type in Victoria decided all the good burgs of BC need public meeting squares (I'm not making this up),so they announced it through the UBCM last year. Big bucks for towns etc to match local tax bucks.

Don't know how many bit, but I'm sure a few towns will be showing off their spirit squares soon.

Feel the spirit yet? Try real hard, 'cause you're paying for it regardless.

Aside from that, I'm dizzying quickly from that spin too so early in the game, but it certainly is refreshing to agree with you on a topic.

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