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Just in case you were wondering, Jessica McDonald, the premier's deputy minister, went a little upscale - but not too upscale - during her expedition to the Island Nation. According to travel documents obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request, she stayed at the Knightsbridge Hotel, a small but comfortable home-away-from-home located in one of London's more fashionable districts. Frommer's Travel Guide states that its rooms are appointed with traditional English fabrics and feature granite-and-oak bathrooms, Frette linens and an honour bar. But it's also described as one of the more affordable properties operated by the city's premier hoteliers - and Tim Kemp - with rates between $346 per night for a single room to $1,038 per night for a suite (calculated according to yesterday's exchange rate). In an interview, the hotel's manager said Knightsbridge doesn't offer discounts to visitors from the British Columbia government. Tally-ho!


Ever been to London? Things are expensive there. I would hesitate before berating someone for spending a lot on accomodations or food in London. That city will beggar you by 10:30 in the morning.

Of course London is so expensive.

That's hardly news, which raises the question: why go to a place where you can't afford to die or even sleep to find out how to save government dollars?

Obviously from Ms. Jessica 's eye-popping expense sheet this latest shining example of capitalist thrift ought to attach a few caveats in its promotinal literature, especially the stuff that manages to draw so many of BC's better paid public servants.

Maybe it's all about the water, the food or or something.

If I am not mistaken, this is the same Jessica McDonald that Penny Ballem specifically mentioned in her letter as being part of the reason why she quit. If so than Jessica has cost us far more than a hotel room in London, she has cost us one of the few people with the ability to actually take on the health system and win.

Too bad for the BC tax payers. Gordo gave her the job and if she is a high cost item, well next time vote for another party. Wonder what the room rate was for the ADM of Health the last time Gordo went to England to sort out health care and took the ADM along as Ballam was busy elsewhere

There is at least one humourous irony in this issue that has what's left of my highland blood stirring.

It's the thought of a McDonald in London England doing the business of a Campbell.

Last time a McDonald tried anything like that, he was forced back to Scotland only to be visited at Glencoe a few days later by a whole pack of Campbells.

No doubt Ms. Jessica, unlike her historic namesake, signed a letter of fealty to her leader before traveling to ensure no nasty visits to her branch of the clan.

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