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Earlier, we reported provincial New Democrat legislators would be holding their caucus officer elections next month. But who's in the race and who's out, you may wonder? Well, there's some talk environment critic Shane Simpson might run to be caucus chair - a post presently occupied by Jenny Kwan. And others suspect deputy caucus whip Diane Thorne won't be seeking re-election.


Apparently the "old" NDP people are finally losing the grip for power under Carole James. Diane Thorne was pretty much a buffer. Apparently the party is getting happier with Carole James each day, I dont think her leadership will be challenged before (or even after) the next provincial election.

You wouldn't happen to be from Vancouver, would you?! FHK, that is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Aside from David Perry and his close knit group, everyone else is pretty much in agreement that Carole has got to go.

Carol is done like dinner. Adrian Dix is running with the backing of Glen Clark. Harry is merely their lacky trying to break the log Jam and cause a leadership crisis. Count on a leadership convention in November

"Mincky": You wouldn't be a Dix supporter, would you.

This is typical of how that group operates.

Dix may be running for Carole's job, but don't expect many to back him over Carole.

How naive of you Carol Supporter. No one can savage their leaders worse than the NDP when labour orders the leader gone, ask Mike Harcourt.

This article has a few folks trying to stir the pot. What does former insider mean?

Labour isn't a player in the party anymore thanks to Carole. She had the courage to modernize the party.

Carol James hasn't been a perfect leader, but Adrian Dix would be among the last people I would support in her stead. Why downgrade to the bad old days of Dix/Clark bullying?

Take your heads out of the sand people. Aspiring staff reps are active in most ridings. If they want to become reps or go to winter school or even get tickets to NDP events they do what they are told by the fed. In addition, labour controls all the 3rd party ads during the build up to an election call. Without their money and ad campaigns the party can't compete financialy with the libs

Well, YSM, I would say you are wrong. Carole James herself made sure to clean out all union influences within the party.

Corky or David probably has wanted Carole James to go for years, but either of them has no chance challenging her. Adrian Dix is pretty much a coy they want to put up to challenge Carole in the hope that some MLA's may oppose Carole enough to vote their way. But the majority of Carole's caucus has not voiced any dissent against her and none of the MLA actually wants a change of leadership yet since Carole still perceived the Joan of Arc for NDP 05 election.

Depending on how many votes Shane Simpson get for this seat (which will determine the support for Carole James), I would figure that not even Adrian Dix will want to launch a challenge against the establishment. Adrian, like I said before, would be better off trying to run federally against David Emerson and Yuan Meng.

It's funny watching as non-existent people try to start rumours and counter-rumours. That kind of thing may work in the bowels of the NPA, but it doesn't play any where else.

Hey Budd. It's Dagmar.

Judging from the number of posts, I would disagree that this kind of thing only works in the NPA.

But if it is a question of James vs Dix for the leadership, that worries me because it is left wing vs really left wing. We need a leader who will plant the party firmly at the center on social issues and firmly on the right when it comes to dealing with crime. That's pretty popular with New Dems I know.

Oh yeah, kicking the crap out of Campbell is popular too. The NDP has to start doing this. things have been way too quiet. People vote NDP to raise shit.

Former insider might want to name a few union leadership names running things at the NDP.

Otherwise, is appears there are two reason he or she is using that handle. They've either been gone so long from inside that they think Jack Munro's still calling the shots or they are typical provincial Liberals who think Jack Munro is still around.

Your credibility sank even further when you dragged out that old scene of the fed controlling every union staff rep in the province who just can't miss a Winter school at Harrison.

Most of the seats in the school go to rank and filers rather than reps, some of whom might show up to help in offering a program. I take it you know the difference between a rank and file member and a rep.

I'm a little surprised you didn't throw a few toughs from the waterfront into your yarn as well just for the colour and all.

Frankly Dix is beginning to sound good or at least sound like something. James' naive effort at civility and her seeming inability to grab onto an issue and do something (anything) is starting to get members wondering who and where the leadership is, and believe me, the general public is ahead of them on that issue.

Dix will not go near this guaranteed and Simpson carries no credibility anywhere. Keep looking.

Adrian Dix is the ONLY MLA to make any noise at all against this government. He would make a far better leader than Carole. The Invisible Man would be better at this point.

But why would Dix bother? He already has a much higher profile than Carole James does and with a much easier job. MCFD and Health are the two easiest Ministries to play grim reaper on. Simply wait for something nasty to occur and point all kinds of fingers when it does.

As a Caucus Chair you have to deal with internal nastiness and the last thing you can do is a point a finger at someone. Dix is simply smart enough to know better and as such will not run for this job.

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