Decision, interrupted

Last week, The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer reported provincial New Democrat leader Carole James "is still sorting out her party's position on the new generation of native treaties, three months after the first of them was made public." This, despite the fact New Democrat agriculture and lands critic Corky Evans has already expressed concern about the deal struck with the Tsawwassen First Nation - which will see up to 200 hectares removed from the agriculture land reserve. So you'd think that treaty would have been a topic of discussion at the recent Opposition caucus retreat in Courtenay. But you'd be wrong.

The reason: the retreat (which took place this past Wednesday and Thursday) was meant to be less about debating policy and more about giving "area citizens and stakeholders" a chance to meet New Democrat legislators. Moreover, a number of key caucus members - such as Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth, Harry Lali and Diane Thorne - weren't able to attend. And there may been a reluctance to discuss the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty without some of those legislators in the room.


I guess Carole is still waiting for David Perry to tell her her opinion.

The previous government had a policy on ALR land. If ALR land ended up , under the willing seller/ willing buyer set up, the land would still be subject to the ALR rules. Any additional lands aquired would be under provincial laws. After observing more than 70 main table negotiating meetings, sitting on a Regional Advisory Committe we sort of picked up the intent of those policy positions. So Ms. James either sides with Campell and agrees that land in the ALR should be removed allowing the band to do what they want with it, a bad precedence would be set,OR she sticks to the previous government policies, and the position of so many NDP members and say sorry folks, ALR land stays ALR Land. Even if all her members follwed that line of thinking Gordo has a majority and could slide it by the province and make even more citizens hate the local band. Does no one remember the Spetifore Lands debate?

Does no one remember why the lands in question are not owned by farmers but leased by them from the Crown .....??

It seems the farmers involved are in court over the issue. a family member knows one of them quite well. They want their land back and although it's cost them big bucks so far, they are in for the long haul.The land was taken and as I understand it, shouodthe port not need it, the origional owners could buy it back. similar to other places. The farmers neer Mirabelle airport in quebec took a very long time to get the land that had been expropraited from them back. It got returned a few weeks ago.

This is interesting; once again some of Carole’s key MLA’s blow off one of her retreats. Pretty lame that Carole once again cannot take a position on what side of the fence the NDP is on with an important issue. Perhaps she is looking to be known as Mrs.Dithers.

While we are on the topic of NDP fence sitting; can anyone tell me if they have taken a position yet on the Port Mann expansion? Or is Chudnovsky too busy counting potholes ?

Me thinks it's perhaps Gordon who ought to be wondering if this shiny new treaty trophy might start to get muddied should the farm families have something to hang a counter claim on, as in Mirabelle.

The optics on that deal are not the best to begin with, given that the plan seems to be to change it from food growing farmland to container-farm land by slipping it out the backdoor of the ALC and into Cabinet.

Come to think of it, this is a pretty good federal political story as well. Wonder if Steve's had any second thoughts passed onto him yet.

It could get a bit messy with anxious people looking to the courts to get delays. Probably not a great elecion issue either for any local MPs of a certain minority government stripe.

James should be in no rush to bail Campbell out. He's the one already committed.

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