The great uniter

To say provincial New Democrat legislators are, without exception, satisified with their current leadership, would entirely accurate. And MLAs may have an opportunity to act on some of their frustrations next month. The reason: caucus officer elections have been scheduled for February 9. As our astute readers may remember, last year's election saw maverick Yale-Lillooet legislator Harry Lali chosen as the caucus's deputy chair - which was seen by some as an indication of dissent. Mr. Lali has since become more outspoken in his belief that the New Democrats should be "pushing back much harder against the Liberals."


I agree. It's time to bring the shit-kicking "good-ole" NDP back. I'm sick of the whiny left and identity politics running the show. Time to focus on some bread and butter issues. Good for you Harry!

I agree too. Carole James is utterly ineffective. I've given up on waiting for her to get moving, as far as I'm concerned, she might as well be invisible. Does she even have a pulse? If she stays on as leader, the Libs will continue to win. It's that simple.

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