An employee loyalty program?

Back in December, we were the first to tell you the premier's special advisor Ken Dobell had registered to lobby the provincial government on behalf of the City of Vancouver. That curious arranagement became a source of controversy after The Province stuck the story - featuring a contested conflict of interest allegation from New Democrat leader Carole James - on its front page earlier this month. But it seems some of the tabloid's readers aren't as outraged by Mr. Dobell's lobbying activities as Ms. James.

In a letter published in The Province last Tuesday, Janet Fraser writes "Ken Dobell is a very astute problem-solver. He has been chief administrator for both the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. Who better to handle the most complex intergovernmental files? A $250-an-hour wage is standard for a senior consultant, lawyer or accountant. Dobell's advice is sought by two orders of government to serve only one client - the citizens." That's high-praise indeed. But perhaps not surprising. Because the letter writer has the same name as the woman who was Gordon Campbell's executive assistant when he was mayor of Vancouver. An astouding coincidence? Unfortunately, it seems we may never know. Because Premier Campbell's former aide hasn't yet returned a phone call and an email inquiring about the matter.

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