Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander?

Partnerships British Columbia's chief executive officer Larry Blain has been skewered and roasted by the press for his exorbitant salary, which came in at $519,448 in fiscal 2004-05. But, last month, during his presentation to the select standing committee on Crown corporations, Partnerships British Columbia chair Rick Mahler told legislators the government-owned company does "extensive reviews by third-party consultants to ensure that our salaries are in keeping with industry standards." And what do those reviews say, you may wonder? Well, to answer that question we filed a freedom of information request asking for copies of those reviews. But, according to a letter from the government-owned company, we might not get a chance to see them because they "contain information that may affect the interests of another business.” Fancy that! Partnerships British Columbia says it will make a final decision about whether it can disclose the records by February 15 - after consulting with the business affected.

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Anyone willing to place bets on what the outcome will be on February 15th ? I smell a sorry can’t help you in the making.

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