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Earlier, we broke the news that provincial Liberal backbencher Lorne Mayencourt was considering running for the federal Conservatives. If that happens, there will be a by-election in Vancouver-Burrard. And that has some pondering who will succeed Mr. Mayencourt as the Liberal candidate in that riding. Well, former Non-Partisan Association Vancouver park board chair Duncan Wilson did run for the party in Vancouver-Burrard back in 1996. But his present post as the senior corporate communications and public affairs advisor at the Vancouver Port Authority would likely preclude him from seeking the nomination. But how about former Vancouver city councillor Lynne Kennedy? Well, in an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Kennedy ruled out a run. "I'm quite happy in my retirement." Although she, "It's kind of people to think that I could do the job. But I've very busy in business. And I've found that it's a busy life." So the Liberals may be in need of some candidate suggestions.


Perhaps Hedy Fry can be persuaded to run for the provincial Liberals in order to open the Vancouver Centre federal seat for whomever Marissen wants to run there. She could help Premier Campbell and Doctor Vertisi with the health file, since George Abbott is no help at all.

Why would anyone be surprised by this? It's obvious that many of the elected provincial liberals are Conservatives, indeed, a not insignificant number are Reform/Alliance.

Mayencourt is an example of the latter.

That was the conventional wisdom before the Christy Clark NPA thing.

Do politicians even know the meaning of honour and commitment or is it all a sham?

I'm no liberal party insider (ya, it may be fun and all with all the people trying to rig nomination results, but I like my afternoon tea just fine), but I would expect BC NDP to field a much stronger candidate than Timmy shall Lorne decide to resign.

With the biggest gay community in Canada, it is obvious even to the conservatives (or Christian Heritage Party whose candidate was pro-SSM) that the elected MP from the riding must be gay. There are only few gay NDP candidates that have prominence. You guys can probably see where I am going with this. Yes, maybe Carole James is ready for a Svend Diamond-is-forever Robinson comeback.

This again? Damn it, folks, not even Mayencourt could be insipid enough to believe that he could beat Hedy. There's just no way he runs.

Still, as an hypothetical, recall that the BC Liberals owe several prominent NPAers, including two women whose increasingly vicious nomination battle was unceremoniously terminated by the other Carol and her parachute. Would Ms. Nice or Lady Macbeth fit with Burrard? Nope. But another foiled candidate might...

By the way, do people know if Marrisen's woman is going to be running federally next time around? About now, I bet Marissen's mourning the Emerson Wendy and the fact that they can't kick Owen or Hedy up to the Senate or something like that.

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