Better than a cheap gold watch

Earlier, we ruminated on our good friend Ken Dobell's present public service activities - which see him lobbying the province on behalf of the City of Vancouver while working as a special advisor to the premier. And now Vancouver Courier's Allen Garr has obtained documentation showing the effective start date for Mr. Dobell's work with the city was backdated to August 15 - almost two months before council approved his contract. And here's another fascinating factoid from Mr. Garr's column: in 2005, Public Eye published a copy of the former top bureaucrat's contract with the premier's office. But, before releasing that contract to your humble organ, freedom of information officials blacked out the hourly rate for Mr. Dobell's services. Today, though, Mr.Garr is reporting that rate is $250 per hour. As a deputy minister, Mr. Dobell made $110.95 per hour, according to public accounts.


Pity the poor bureaucrat who has to quit his official day job and then slink in the back door for only 2.5 times as much.

No wonder Sam Sullivan hired him as a consultant. It seems obvious Dobell has come up with a new and improved straw to insert into BC's tax coffers and now Mayor Sam wants a sip or two also.

Any chance that Dobell will offer some free tips to minimum wage earners?

If there are any "minimum-wage earners" out there with even a fraction of Dobell's experience or ability and willing to work 18 hours every day for their employer, let them apply for the job. It's worth remembering that Mr Garr thinks that Bob Rennie's puppet Jimbo the Hutt was the best candidate for Mayor. Maybe Garr is looking for a good deal on a Yaletown condo.
Meanwhile, anybody who thinks Dobell is only in it for the money needs to look beyond their simple-minded prejudices. The dozen or so people who actually read Mr. Garr's column will note that, once again, he couldn't actually get an interview with any of his subjects. Guess why.

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