The Temp

Remember Anne-Marie Delorey? She's the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union staffer who has been filling in for provincial New Democrat caucus researcher Maura Parte. Well, it seems her presence at the Rockpile has become somewhat more permanent. She's been hired as caucus's new research director, replacing Don Anderson who departed the precincts back in November.


Another glaring example of the NDP’s divorce with big labor.

"Shuffling chairs on the Titanic?"

Kevin, after your comment in November on the related previous story on Don Anderson I asked you how a willingness to make staff changes was, in your opinion, a sign of failure. You never answered.

Maybe you can explain how this move indicates anything one way or the other about the NDP's relationship to labour.

Budd, what Larsen is spouting is pure cliche, used to such a tiring degree that it has become rote and meaningless except to the degree it highlights the bankruptcy of thought required to express it.

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