Christmas trees and stuffed turkeys, oh my

This is post number 2,000 on Public Eye. So now would seem to be an appropriate time to get into the holiday spirit. Muckraking will be sporadic until Janaury 2, notwithstanding another raid on the legislature. Best of the season everyone!


Sean, please tell me you are JOKING ... although, come to think of it ... it does seem as if there might've been others involved in the BC Rail Case ... so maybe another Raid on the Rockpile would be appropriate. OK ... one more time!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and best wishes for you in 2007. Merry Christmas to one and all.

BC Mary - The Legislature Raids


Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for an exciting New Year.


Good God, you are going to get BC Mary's antenna twitching with the comment about another Legislature raid.But like a lot us us, she wants to hear the court proceedings

Hope springs eternal. Gordo is back in his old haunt for Christmas. Who knows what he might do this time around?

Here is one for ya Mary.

'We can't stay silent' After years of silence, former B.C. provincial bureaucrats Dave Basi and Bob Virk talk to Globe columnist Gary Mason about the corruption charges they've been fighting since 2004. Glib and Stale page S1

Merry Christmas to all and may the New Year be one filled with love and laughter for you and your families. Happy Hanukkah, for the little that's left of it, for my gallant Jewish friends.

Here's to hoping that we may find the peace we seek and that 2007 will be a year of greater gentleness and more giving in the world.

Stop picking on Mary

pick on me...!

I'm a poor person living on welfair
( a natural target )

---- Can't help but notice all the house-ing being built for those that are homeless

(perhpas it's "the cambell thing" for this year)

dispite the fact that he's NOT HOME-LESS when he goes to
(some island in the pacific),,,

or has an office there... >>>>

----- As we wait for some story
about how drunk he got,
or, who was in the car with him at the time...? ,

the real story freezes on the streets,
with a seringe full
of shity crappy drugs stuck in it's arm... !

(why the dis-pare..?)

cambell didn't use a needle,
his type seldomly does...!

--- simply why the crappy drugs
when we are able to create something MORE ADVANCED...!

Condo in Mawii,
or a seringe in Vancover's east-side...?

both are as equally as selfish ,,,
as a single person could possibly get...!

--- obviously next to that
would be somebody who thinks ,

"they have done such a terific job" ,
that they can take the rest of the year off...!

ted... ( a valid listener )

personally, I'd be fired for such IN-SUB-ODINATION

(ie: if I had a job,,, that is...!)

>>> my ignorance is obvious

so don't pick on Mary

(I'm a much easier target)

agree with Alex (actually that's happened twice this month!).

Merry Christmas Sean, hope its a good break and thank you for playing such a critical role for citizens in British Columbia.

Merry Christmas and onward ho to the next 1000 posts. Good night and good luck.

Happy Christmas and all the best beyond 2,000, Sean.

January 2nd...that seems like forever.
Anyways, Merry Christmas and God Bless You.
(I hope you are not offended or anything:)).

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