Worth the wait?

It seems the provincial New Democrats may actually be in a position to hire a new communications director and research director early in the New Year. Interviews for both jobs got underway last week and are expected to end sometime in the first few weeks of January. Meanwhile, our understanding is that the New Democrats will not be hiring a replacement for Scott Perchall. Instead, his duties as the leader's press secretary will be shared between senior communications officer Rich Overgaard and senior communications advisor Jim Rutkowski.

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Time to dust off another fossil so they can crash and burn.

Maybe they should just hire Shane Mills. Sounds like he is lookin for work according to your other piece for the day.

Same results and the NDP wont be criticised for going back to the same well of has beens.

Of course there is always Bill Teilman....


lets see who else can put us to sleep....



Oh sorry I nodded off there.

Is it 2013 yet?

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