Back to the presses?

One of the Rockpile's best known boulders is leaving the legislative precincts. Shane Mills, who is best known for having been the provincial Liberal's caucus communications director, has tendered his resignation as Minister of State for Mining Bill Bennett's senior political aide. Mr. Mills, who was the editor of the Prince George Free Press before becoming a flack, is going back to being a hack. He'll be working for a media outlet in the Lower Mainland.


Shurely Shane's not going back to his old haunts. Maybe it's a TV or radio thing...

Prince George had a free press? I wonder if Shane remembers the P.G. newspaper, The Prospect.

What kind of pay cut is Shane taking to go back to the media?

It's good to see Shane getting some honest work. He's one of the true good guys at the rockpile. Best of luck!!!

Honest work, Brad?

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