On second thought...

Earlier, we reported provincial New Democrat caucus communications director Jim Rutkowski would be leaving the legislative precincts toward the end of this month. But it seems that departure will be temporary. Mr. Rutowksi, who tendered his resignation to spend more time with his son, will be joining the Opposition's leader office in a new role this coming February. He'll be working Monday through Thursday as a senior communications advisor to Carole James, sharing responsibility for media relations with newly-appointed senior communications officer Rich Overgaard.


So this is how the NDP shakes things up. Keep all the same staff who were aboard during the shipwreck, but just shuffle their titles.

No wonder they can't crack 35% in the polls.

Does either Rutkowski or Overgaard have an APR designation, that is, are they Accredited Public Relations professionals?

Budd, how do you become an A.P.R. professional?

Do you think all 185 of those new appointees are accredited? (See Order-in-Council #656, 12 Sept 06)

Pie-in-the-sky, I don't know how exactly one becomes an APR, but there is a professional designation in this field. As to the credentials of the Liberal Govt's fleet of PR types, I will let others worry about them.

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