Clearly, we haven't written about her enough

Your humble organ has spilled much ink reporting on former provincial Liberal central campaign committee member Susan Yurkovich, who was recently became the public affairs and communications vice-president at BC Hydro Corp. But the government-owned company's president and chief executive officer Bob Elton says he had no knowledge as to her involvement with the party prior to hiring her as his top spin doctor. Responding to questions posed yesterday by Delta North legislator Guy Gentner, Mr. Elton said he knew Ms. Yurkovich "from the Board of Trade. I knew her as somebody who had worked at Canadian Forest Products. Interestingly, to be honest, I did not know that she had any particular political connections provincially. I knew that she was involved with David Emerson."

Of course, we can't expect a man with Mr. Elton's responsibilities to be counted among Public Eye.'s regular readers. But Ms. Yurkovich's connections were reported on by The Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee back in May 2005. And, during the same month, the former Canfor Corp. corporate affairs vice-president appeared on BCTV's noon news broadcast with political analyst Will McMartin, assessing New Democrat leader Carole James's election debate performance.


"Of course, we can't expect a man with Mr. Elton's responsibilities to be counted among Public Eye.'s regular readers" WHO ARE WE CHOP LIVER???

Funny how nobody has complained that she does not deserve or merit the job.

Partisan, sure. Qualified? Absolutely.

Would this explain why all those new BC Hydro ads sound just like the old BC Liberal/ BC government Best Place on Earth campaigns?

Are people not allowed to be involved in politics if they want to have a communications job with BC Hydro? Sounds crazy to me. Everyone should be allowed to participate in the political process. in fact, it is a Charter right.

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