The man with two hats

Earlier, we reported Ken Dobell, who is working under contract as a special advisor Gordon Campbell, had registered to lobby the premier on behalf of the City of Vancouver - specifically concerning Mayor Sam Sullivan's proposed cultural precinct. That registration became effective on April 5 - the date the province announced it would be providing $5 million toward "the planning and initial development" of that precinct. And what does the premier think about Mr. Dobell's twin responsibilities, we wondered? "He's working for the City of Vancouver. And he's properly registered himself so everyone knows he's working for them," responded the premier as he was entering a caucus meeting.


It still appears to be a "Conflict...!"

Sorry to say it, but the Preem's response is unacceptable in that he omitted comment on the real issue here: Ken Dobell is being contracted to speak to the Premier who has alreasy contracted him as a Special Advisor. Instead of an incomplete answer, we are owed an explanation.

This is precisely the kind of move that seeds the mania in the minds of many about the sheer arrogance of power. The Socreds did it. The NDP did it. Now, in some cases the Liberals are doing it.

Gordon knows much better than this. Toss the idiot who gave this advice and move on to a review. If there's nothing there, great.

isn't this happening with a lot of Mr. Dobell's contracts?

Is it just me but why isn't this a conflict?? how can one serve two masters equally effectively?

And why isn't the oppposition pointing this out?

Has anyone ever written on the topic of Vancouver as "City State"?

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