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Last month, The Vancouver Courier's Allen Garr noted Premier Gordon Campbell's former deputy minister Ken Dobell was keeping busy in his retirement. In addition to sitting on a number of public and private boards, Mr. Dobell has been awarded two contracts with the City of Vancouver. Under those contracts, he's been charged with developing a cultural precinct for the city, as well as housing strategy for the addicted and mentally ill. And if that isn't newsworthy enough, Public Eye has learned he's also signed-up to lobby the provincial government about both issues - registering his intent to directly speak with the premier about the cultural precinct. This being the same premier he presently works for under contract as a special advisor.


It sure does and it suggests a link between Dobell's two bosses, Gordon Campbell and Sam Sullivan.

Perhaps Tacky Tsakumis can clear the air on this one given his links to these types. Of course, I'll understand if ol' Tacky may have his hands or more in one of these camps as we type and be somewhat unavailable for, er, clarification.

Sounds like double dipping.

The name says it all!


Is there a chapter, or an appendix, or a footnote, or even a double secret probation decoderizer anti-oderizer hidden deep within the Lobbyist's Handbook somewhere that explains the protocol to follow when one decides it's time to start lobbying oneself?


Bleeding heart,

I am flattered that you think so much of me...

I have absolutely no government business to speak of. I have nothing at all with either level of government. True, I worked awfully hard to elect Sam, but have apologized for being so misguided, in my own way, to the public, to Christy and to a couple of very close friends, who are still trying to get rid of the pipe.

Gordon is someone I also know, but admire very much. His story is as equally compelling as Sullivan's. Why don't you try leading your household at such a young age after the death of a parent and not turn out to be what is perceived as an incurable micro-manager?

Sometimes, we are heartless in the way we curry favour on both sides of the aisle.

As for Ken, yes, I too, like Sean, think this is clearly strange.

But I have no power to do so, if I did, I would put an end to it as it's gone on long enough.

And there you have it.

Strip away all the windown dressing of democratic governance and procurement principles and modern evidence-based management and it's still just the old boys' network running things their way to suit their own interests!

How is Mr. Campbell's personal biography remotely relevant to his failings as a Premier??? The anwswer is it is not. Period. The failings remain, and this is clearly a conflict of interest between Campbell's private advisor and the public interest. Another betrayal of trust.

My, my, we all have such short institutional memories and aren't our politicians and their henchpeople ; ) the senior administrators, glad of it?
Ken Dobell, just prior to his seriously six-digit-salaried appointment to the position of deputy minister to the Premier Gordon Campbell, was the CEO of Translink and, not incoincidentally, responsible for the jamming through of the RAV Line as his last order of business. While it's now known as the Canada Line, it's not Canada who will pay for the massive budget overruns. Does anyone else detect a trend or pattern here?

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