Go east young policy wonk, go east!

Earlier this month, the British Columbia government announced that "starting in 2007, a Children's Education Credit of $1,000 will be put in trust for every newborn in B.C. for when they are ready for post-secondary education. The credit will grow with interest through their lives and contribute to their choice of learning after high-school graduation." But where did the idea for that program come from, you may wonder? One possible answer: east of the Rock Mountains. In January 2005, the Klein administration rolled out the Alberta Centennial Education Savings Plan. At the time, the government said it "make available $500 towards a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for every child born to or adopted by Alberta residents in 2005 and after. Subsequent grants of $100 will be available to children attending school in Alberta at ages 8, 11 and 14, starting in 2013."

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A visionary premier or someone who has put up some money for a log way down the road. The students need money now that the cap for tuition was removed, all costs are going up. Some kids simpy don't have the backing to even finish high school let alone do the university or college route. Its a bloody shame. To see bright kids working in fast food places to try to get some money set aside to do better.

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