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Last week, The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships released a poll showing "clear majorities" of Canadians "support P3s across the board." Not surprising, considering they commissioned that survey. But, according to the same poll - which was conducted by Environics Research Group Ltd. - just 44 percent of British Columbians are in favour of the private operation of water treatment facilities. That's the lowest level of support in the country. And yet the Campbell administration seems to be pushing ahead with plans to have Partnerships British Columbia take a "hard look" at how many of the province's new municipal capital projects - including such treatment facilities - "might be built as a public-private partnership."

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The true test of a P3 is the sharing of business risk among the partners. Can the people supporting government sponsored P3's share evidence of how this has been achieved in the BC P3's? I bet that the private sector is as risk averse as its bankers.

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