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The chattering classes have a new guessing game this week. It's called who's going to be British Columbia's new child and youth representative. The members of the special parliamentary committee responsible for that appointment have remained tightlipped about their choice - which will be unveiled when the legislature resumes sitting on Wednesday. But here at Public Eye, we think someone with a First Nations and a legal background would have been just the kind of candidate the committee would have been searching for. Someone, for example, like respected Saskatchewan Provincial Court Judge Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond. So let's see whether they were successful in that search, shall we?

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You would have to think that anything applying for this job would be a beggar for punishment. Campbell and the Liberals have demonstrated nothing but contempt for the position and only reluctantly agreed to fill it again due to political pressure.

You know based on past experience that the role will be underfunded and ignored by the Ministry.

I wish anyone who is chosen the best of luck but I give them about 9 months until they see the light.

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