Apples and oranges?

More good news courtesy of the provincial government's recent work environment survey: according to the report, 49 percent of employees agreed with statement "Overall, I am satisfied in my work as a BC Public Service employee." Meanwhile, a more detailed breakdown of the survey obtained by Public Eye, show 32 percent gave a neutral response to that statement while 19 percent disagreed. Those results may not seem that bad. But a recent Statistics Canada report using data from the 2002 Canadian Community Health Survey: Mental Health and Well-being found that just 8.6 percent of the employed population aged 18 to 75 reported job dissatisfaction - with 6 percent of workers being "not too satisfied" and 2 percent being "not at all satisfied."


Is it really news that BCGEU staffers are unhappy with their jobs? Public sector unionists are always whining about how hard done by they are.

Kevin: the interesting story is the variances between the various ministries (and their BCGEU) staff, see earlier stories this month.

And this is a key story as the BC provincial government has many staff retiring and will need to recruit and retain, to be an attractive employer. Goverment staff also don't feel they are well paid. And management wages are low, especially if you're not already bought into the very expensive Victoria housing market.

And your rote responses are a little boring . . .

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