Down the hatch

When last we heard from Cheryl Maintland, the former ministerial assistant and event coordinator had left the legislative precincts to become a regional organizer for the provincial Liberals. But it seems opportunity came a knocking. And, late last month, Ms. Maitland was hired by Canada's National Brewers as their public affairs manager. That post was previously occupied by Marko Dekovic, who is now federal International Trade Minister David Emerson's senior regional assistant.


Marko = "peechka"

Congratulations to Cheryl ... ever since she was a fresh faced gal answering the phones in a constit office, she has remained professional, cheerful, and a bright light in an arena that turns others way too cynical way too fast.

And out from under the opression of Lara, a lot of others can see what she is made of. You go Girl!

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