Accountable on his own terms

Since the provincial New Democrats didn't seem interested in asking Larry Blain about the mandatory municipal capital project reviews that will now be conducted by his company, your humble organ tried to get some answers. But the Partnerships British Columbia president and chief executive officer didn't seem to want to speak with us. Asked about those reviews following his appearance in front of the select standing committee on Crown corporations, Mr. Blain refused to answer any questions saying, "I'm pressed right now. I have a meeting." This, despite an offer to walk and talk with him on his way to that meeting. Of course, this isn't the first time Mr. Blain has brushed Public Eye off. Last year, the former investment banker hung up on us. Boy, he's sure putting on the charm!


Sorry Sean - but there's no bonus money in media relations for Larry Blain!!

What, such a big important man and so obviously afraid of facing two wee questions from a young upstart like yourself, Sean? To be sure, that's a far higher compliment than any charm he might have managed face-to-face!

I think it is a bit more concerning that that. A journalist needs to build and establish respect otherwise people are less inclined to grant interview requests with people they see as unprofessional or biased.

While I think Holman does a good job and brings a unique perspective in his work, having a spat with someone like Thorpe and choosing to make it public does more harm than good.

Ultimately I think as a reporter you have to pick what you choose to make public very carefully and when it comes to a pissing match everyone looses so best to stick with the stories and leave the spats and personality conflicts off the table.

Perhaps I haven't followed the whole story here, but in reply to Kevin I don't know why he is referring to a "spat with Thorpe", presumably meaning Rick Thorpe, one of the Cabinet Ministers. In this story we see mention of Larry Blain, who is it seems, BC's highest paid public sector employee.

Man, there's the original recipe for pre-cooked, libel-chilled, half-digested bunk suitable for any aspiring journalist in these troubled times.

Next story, eh Kevin: Global warming ain't happening.

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