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The ministry of aboriginal relations and reconciliation appears to have a serious problem. According to a recent work environment survey conducted between February and March, an average of just 13 percent of employees agreed with statements such as "executives in my organization make effective and timely decisions" and "I have confidence in the senior leadership of my organization" - the poorest results among all the government organizations surveyed. And why might that be, you may wonder? That's the question we posed to Mike de Jong, who was put in charge of the ministry this past August. "They might have been thinking about the minister not the executive," he jokingly responded yesterday. But, in all seriousness, Minister de Jong said, "I don't know, I haven't seen the report. And if I have, I don't remember it."

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Mike was a small time lawyer before getting elected awhile back. He tries to have a sense of humour, and in small bunches he comes along pretty well. But like the Health Minister, they speak for government not themselves and they best figure that out pretty quick. Mike has a bit of a issue here in the Victoria area. Some rich athlete is building some really expensive places and is rather a blunt speaker. Seems a local band wasn't consulted about some cave in the area. The supreme Court of Canada has set the guidelines for consultation. at first blush the developer may have not covered all the bases. so a protest has begun and DeJong is in the middle of it. That particular band has been in the treaty process for years as part of the Temex treaty group.Gordo wants treaties. The new relationship with Indians is hitting a bad patch. If DeJong's ministry is becoming dysfunctional, well let's not blame the worker.

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