One day only!

The provincial legislature will be back in session on November 22 to appoint British Columbia's new child and youth representative. Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong has scheduled a news conference for 4:10 to discuss the news.


I hope he is not going to appoint Patty Sahota for that position. There would be little bit of conflict of interest.

So grodn is going to allow the house to open for a day to accept the long awaited Child rep. Isn't that nice of him. a lot of things are happening but he doesn't want to have to listen to the Opposition question some of the things popping up all over the place. It may cut down on his travel time out of the country.

She can park the cars.

Novembr 22, eh? Just 2 days before the next big possibly conclusive pre-trial conference in BC Supreme Court for Basi, Virk, Basi.

There oughta be many disgruntled British Columbians on the steps of the Legislature on 22 November ... suggesting (in the nicest possible way) that these guys stick around for a full session of the Legislature.

Can't Patty Sahota find work on her own in the private sector?

"Can't Patty Sahota find work on her own in the private sector?"

Of course she can, but they wouldn't be the high profile cushy jobs that aren't exactly accountable or to be justifiable to anyone.

I am getting tired of these useless politicians, once they lose think it is their gods given right for another cushy job just because they were once at the trough as an MLA.
I can just picture a bunch of dirty pigs all eating at the trough, thats our politicians. No wonder public has such regards for our politicians.

So 2 days before the final pre-trial hearing for Basi, Virk, Basi on November 24 (Friday), the whole B.C. government will sneak into town, appoint a representative, and sneak out again ... just like that.

On 24 November, Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett will most likely decide that the Defence and Prosecution are ready; and that the trial of Her Majesty the Queen vs. Basi, Virk, Basi will proceed.

The stage will finally be set for the most important trial in B.C. history. Every person who understands the issue will be tense, nervous, frightened.

Because it's the system of government in B.C. which will be on trial.

And there sat the full Legislature -- already gathered in Victoria. Is it asking such a lot for them to just stick around until the week-end?

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

Raging Grannies will be at the legislature at 2 p.m. next Wednesday Nov. 22 with bannners, signs and music to let them know that we're upset. They say: Pick your own cutback!!

Somebody hoping to come to that big rally wed. 22nd at 2pm when the Legislative Assembly will actually be meeting, is working on a song to the tune of Billy Boy. Here is the first verse or two in case we want to go and sing:

Why don't you come down here in front,
Gordie boy, Gordie boy?
Where've you been the past six months,
Premier Gordie.
Did you have to run and hide?
Someone told us that you'd died,
And we really, really cried,
Premier Gordie.

Are you scared to face the poor,
Gordie boy, Gordie boy?
You've got lots to answer for,
Premier Gordie.
Don't forget that we're your boss
Though you couldn't give a toss.
There's no province without us,
Premier Gordie.

Want to add a verse or two? I'll try ...

Basi, Virk, and Basi too are going on trial,
All we get is hints, delays and denial,
Were you there? Were you where?

Oops ... that's Dr Zeuss ... never mind, the message is: Raging Grannies and others ... on the steps of the B.C. Legislature ... 22 November at 2:00 PM.

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