What an astouding coincidence!

Your humble organ has spilled much ink ruminating on the Premier Gordon Campbell's controversial announcement that all new municipal capital projects costing more than $20 million and receiving provincial funding would have to be reviewed by Partnerships British Columbia. Questions about those reviews have also been raised by respected forensic and investigative accountant Ron Parks, New Democrat finance critic Bruce Ralston, Monday Magazine's Russ Francis and - most recently - The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer. So it seems fortutious that the select standing committee on Crown corporations will be meeting this Friday to talk about...yes, you guessed it...Partnerships British Columbia. So here's two questions legislators might want to ask president and chief executive officer Larry Blain at that meeting. Number one: why does this government-owned company deserve a monopoly on conducting those reviews, when they could be done by a major consulting company? And two: will Partnerships British Columbia be contracting out any of that review work?


Question #3: Why are tax dollars funding the operations of a government company tasked with development of government contracting opportunities for the private sector? Isn't that a task best left to market forces?

Hmmm - and that's not all - dark forces are at work here...
Victoria contemplates waste water treatment plant.
BC Government announces mandatory consideration of Public Private Partnerships (Or Pee 3s)
Victoria theatre puts on Urinetown, a play about a big corporation which, with government collusion, beggars the population by cornering the market on places to pee.
Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!

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