Without merit?

Earlier, we reported on a recent British Columbia government work environment survey in which just 29 percent of provincial employees gave their executives favourable reviews. But that wasn't the only newsworthy result included in that survey. According to the report, only 40 percent of respondents agreed with each of the following statements: "recognition is based on merit in my work unit" and "in my work unit, the process of selecting a person for a position is based on merit." This, under an administration which promised during the 2001 election "to restore a professional, non-partisan public service founded strictly on merit - not political patronage" or, presumbly, other forms of favourtism.

The survey also found 34 percent agree they are "fairly paid to do their work" - a sentiment deputy and assistant deputy ministers likely no longer share after receiving an increase to their maximum payable salary over the summer. Moreover, just 43 percent feel their "job is secure" - almost four years after the civil service was traumatized by the administration's Black Thursday layoffs. And only 35 percent agree they "have opportunities for career growth" in the civil service.

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