The stream of warm impermanence

Looks like the provincial New Democrat flowchart is experiencing a bout of transformative change. Caucus research director Don Anderson, communications director Jim Rutkowski and executive director Mary O'Donoghue will no longer be reporting to chief of staff David Perry. Instead, Messrs. Anderson and Rutkowski will now report to Ms. O'Donoghue - who will be directly accountable to caucus's executive committee. What these means, who knows.


Maybe we should ask one of them? The NDP are a pretty open bunch

It means even the NDP realize that things are not going well for them.

Kind of hard to appear to be doing anything when the government refuses to sit in the legislature and do its job. Instead we're treated to a plethora of useless announcements and PR stunts from our so called government, the "most open and accountable government in BC history," as Gordo once said. What a load of BS that was. Scheduled sittings in the legislature, broken promise. What's next, if the polling numbers aren't good for Gordo, does he alter the fixed election date?

Meanwhile, it's status quo, behind closed doors, operating via press releases, and hiding from public scrutiny for the fiberals. And there's Gordo the convict, still governing like there's only 3 members of the opposition. Arrogance at its worst.

Would it be wrong to ask if John Pollard is involved in these staff changes?

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