Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize

On Tuesday, The Canadian Press reported "Michael Ignatieff's front-running Liberal leadership campaign was dinged $1,000 yesterday for making unsubstantiated accusations of fraud against chief rival Bob Rae." But the party's permanent appeal committee also chastised the campaign for the "inflammatory tone of the notice of appeal filed in this matter. The notice of appeal contains numerous allegations of fraud, many of which even if proven would have been entirely irrelevant. However, no attempt was made in the course of the hearing to prove even one of those allegations. Regrettably, and contrary to the Rules of the Permanent Appeals Committee, the notice of appeal found its way into the public domain well before our hearing, and the unproven allegations have been the subject of considerable media comment, to the detriment of a number of individuals, campaigns, and the Party." Which makes one wonder, will Mr. Ignatieff's organizers be issuing an apology to the Rae campaign - specifically former British Columbia chair Mason Loh?

In an interview with Public Eye, press secretary Alicia Johnson answered that question this way: "The party has asked us, as per the appeal process, not to speak to the media about it." But, so far, no apology has been forthcoming. And none is expected. Although our understanding is that there may be some regrets about the language that was used in the appeal.


Oooh $1,000. Me thinks that everyone has learned a very expensive lesson here and this type of behaviour will never happen again.

so first you bad moth the guy closest to you in a race then get fined a miseable $1,000 Got some media coverage so Iggy probrably figured it was a good deal at the time. The voting should be intersting as the :anyone but Iggy group: gets up to speed

Is this Liberal Leadership Non-Race going to end up as I think it is, an all out war of attrition between the Anybody-But-Ignatieff Coalition and the Anybody-But-Rae Coalition? Maybe someone can make money selling matching ABI and ABR buttons?

Check out Iggy's grade 5 (I'm being generous), socials paper on Quebec nationalism in yesterday's Globe&Mail.
It certainly leaves the impression this silver-spooner's parents must have decided their bright young gift to the world would not have to toil away learning even the basics about the nation that provided them with a safe and secure place to live.
Iggy comes across in his latest display of national wisdom as sounding like a new Canadian trying to impress the servants he isn't just a capetbagger. This man is so full of misconstrued baggage he sounds like the proverbial bull in a china shop, or maybe it's an American in Iraq. Quick, hide the friggin' silverware.

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