A parallel healthcare conversation?

Earlier, we reported the provincial Liberals would hosting their own conversation on health at the party's biennial convention. And, during that discussion, Premier Gordon Campbell announced he'd "like to have some regional get-togethers with the party membership and talk about this...in the New Year - so everyone gets a chance to do some roundtabling, some brainstorming and develop some recommendations we might be able to add to the conversation." A laudable suggestion, to be sure. But could this have anything to do with the fact the province's conversation on health has only received 917 written submissions to-date, excluding comments posted on its online forum.

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What a way to have a conversation! Leave out everyone who actually works in the system. Heck they might ask some embarrasing questions. control freak Gordon likes to set things up so they suit him personally. His dislike of the treaty process resulted in delays and a complete turn around for him. His fixed Legislature sittings went away. He closed a lot of court houses and his AG is now telling us about justice delays. Mike Smythe had a pretty good article about good old Gordo in the Province this morning.Wonder what his next discovery will be?

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