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Earlier, we reported Rick Thorpe owned an undisclosed number of common shares in a major wine producer when he was the minister responsible for the liquor distribution branch. Minister Thorpe says he "never dealt with anything” that had to do with Vincor International Inc. when he held that file. And he reviewed the ownership of those shares with conflict of interest commissioner H.A.D. Oliver. Minister Thorpe hasn't yet responded to a request for further comment placed yesterday morning. In related news, former Socred cabinet minister Rafe Mair says he sold off his booze shares when then Premier Bill Bennett made him responsible for liquor control, licensing and distribution in 1976. The famed broadcaster said, "I started thinking where the hell can I get in trouble here. And I thought, well Jesus, I better look at my RRSP to see if there's no (perceived) conflict,” he said. "And sure as hell I had about 100 shares in Walker's Distillery, which I promptly sold. I wouldn't have thought of doing anything else.” Minister Thorpe is presently responsible for small business and revenue. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.

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