But where was the farmed salmon?

Grilled prawn salad, filet mignon bordelaise and baked New York cheesecake were on the menu last night when the provincial Liberals sat down to break bread at their 2006 biennial convention dinner. But it looks like they had a little help footing the bill for that feast. According to the menu, there were two contributing event supporters: Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. - the exclusive communications partner for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games - and Vinters Quality Alliance Okanagan Wineries. Coincidently, convention chair and party regional director Harry McWatters is the founder of Sumac Ridge Estate Winery and the former chair of the British Columbiia Wine Institute - which is responsible for building and marketing the Vinters Quality Alliance brand. The following is a complete copy of that menu, which also shows the Liberals dined on "Alberta Beef Tenderloin" rather than British Columbia meat.

Let's Rock 'n' Roll

Friday, November 3, 2006

Thank you to our generous contributing event supporters


VQA Okanagan

The Menu

Fresh Baked Multigrain Buns
with Butter

Grilled Prawn Salad
Char Grilled Prawns on Baby Lettuce
Bing Cherry Chutney

Filet Mignon Bordelaise
Alberta Beef Tenderloin
Okanagan Merlot and Shallot Sauce
Rosemary Baby Potatoes
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

Baked NY Cheesecake
Sliced Peaches and White Chocolate

Carafes of
Coffee and Assorted Teas

A selection of wines generously supported by
VQA Okanagan Wineries

Let's Rock 'n' Roll
It's Party Night!

A Fabulous Dinner
from the
Penticton Convention Centre

Welcome and Introduction
of the Premier
by Mr. Harry McWatters
Chair, BC Liberals Convention 2006

BC Liberal Awards Presentation
Premier Gordon Campbell

Dancing the night away with "The Time Benders"
Buddy Holly, Elvis, Roy Orbison,
The Beatles, Tom Jones,
The Blues Brothers, Tina Turner,
Abba - and many more stars
of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s

Reaching Higher


BC Liberals

BC Liberals
BC Liberals Convention 2006 Dinner
Friday, November 3, 2006


So where do the Liberal/Socred bunch get the bucks for fine dining? OH I almost forgot, the get most of their money from business, and then claim the opposition gets all their money from the hated unions. The fact that the opposition gets very little from unions has never slowed down this bunch. Enjoy it while you can. AL Tysic , who runs the Open Door for down and out folks here in Victoria ,got a Honorary Degree from Royal Roads University yesterday . As he was saying thanks, he reminded the crowd of the people who would be sleeping outside in the rain. Too bad this bunch of right wingers didn't have that sort of class.

La plus va ca change, la plus va ca meme chose.

About eight or nine years ago someone at our office described how his wife had been to a meeting at Canada Place at the same time as the provincial Liberals. She was horrified to see more fur coats and expensive jewelry than she had ever seen before in one place. These people were new to BC, having just moved from Montreal.

Believe it or not DL some people in this world mange to actually work hard enough to be able to afford a steak dinner that is not financed by the taxpayer. I don’t recall any comments from you when the NDP were in Penticton staying at that five star resort over the summer. You think they were all eating PB&J while they were dining on the taxpayers tab ? Give me a break.

" ... when the NDP were in Penticton staying at that five star resort over the summer. You think they were all eating PB&J while they were dining on the taxpayers tab ? Give me a break."

What is PB&J, Kevin? What hotel? When?

I was involved in arranging a $100 per plate fundraising dinner this June for the BC New Democrats at a golf course in Pitt Meadows. The actual costs of catering the event, including tip, taxes, etc. was very close to $40 per plate. Consequently, the $100 price tag involved a $60 tax credit for the donation portion over and above costs.

The dinner was of good quality, served buffet style, with a main course of chicken breasts and sliced roast. It would not have compared to the very up market menu described in this piece. From the prices charged by the golf course, I would estimate that the above dinner would likely be in the $60 per person range, not including alcohol.

How very strange it is to see the phrase "farmed salmon" beginning to fit into the same usage as "elephant in the room". Have things come to the point, in this industrial plantation (BC) that we are not even allowed to mention it except in quickly dropped asides. Surely there is no example of the treachery and cowardice of both Federal and Provincial governments that reaches further than the absolute disgrace of what BC has done to the salmon. Like they say: shout it out.

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