Oh what a night!

The provincial Liberals have always managed to lap the New Democrats on the fundraising circuit. And, last night, Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon and backbencher Lorne Mayencourt spent some of that loot by a hosting a pricey party for cardholders at the Penticton Lakeside Resort's Barking Parrot Lounge. In keeping with the party's Fire and Ice theme, the lounge featured several ice sculptures - including one full-size bar and four flames. Firepots were also used for decoration. But of perhaps greater importance to those in attendance was the free flowing liquour. Veuve du Vernayk was the principle poison - with each glass containing a flashing plastic icecube. But those with humbler tastes could also sample from a tub of bottled beer. Live music was performed by Doctor Strangelove, The Roxy's house band.


Flashing plastic icecubes. Tacky, but it seems Bc liberals go for tacky.

Free flowing booze? Sounds exactly like what was going on in the United Steelworkers Local 3567 Union office in Langley, without the flashing ice cubes of course.

" ... Sounds exactly like what was going on in the United Steelworkers Local 3567 Union office in Langley, ... "

Posted by Kevin Larsen on November 4, 2006

From what you say, I assume you were at this event. When was it held, and who was invited?

It's really simple in Kevin's mind. Liberals, whatever it is is just great. The NDP no matter what it is is awful. And when all else fails throw in a union. No matter if its true or not.

Uh, sorry, future Premier Kevin Falcon and WHO!?

May-in-court? Together? Hosting? Together?

Talk about a split room.....

But how apropos, May-in-court in a place called the Barking Parrot?

I guess the Barking Poodle was booked.

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