Underneath their robes

On Wednesday, The Vancouver Sun's Ian Mulgrew reported "B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Brenner has criticized Attorney-General Wally Oppal for attacking juges over their working hours. Brenner, who is in charge of the senior trial bench, demanded an apology for what he called Oppal's 'incomprehensible remarks' that 'constitute a deliberate attempt to demean the judges of this court.'" As our many of readers know, Attorney General Oppal - who has declined to apologize - once sat on the bench himself. But here's something you may not know: in an interview with Public Eye, the minister confirmed he was also on the short-list for the post Justice Brenner was appointed to in May 2000. But he's also stressed he personally likes Justice Brenner.

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Wally seems to be in the news quite a bit lately.
wonder why he is getting so vocal, on so mnay subjects?

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