Clair-ifying the issue

North Island Liberal constituency association president Colleen Ross must have busted the bank to promote her riding's salmon aquaculture resolution. The resolution, which is being presented at the party's biennial convention, calls on Liberals to "continue to support a risk managed, science based approach to salmon aquaculture." Not exactly contoversial stuff. Nevertheless, the association has taken the extra step of distributing ziplock bags which contain material urging party members to vote in favour of the proposal. Included in the bag is a magnet, a bite-sized chocolate bar and a package of Festa Salmon, manufactured by Walcan Seafood Ltd. of Heriot Bay. There's also a glossy pamphlet discussing the importance of aquaculture - and "electing a true north islander in 2009." In fact, the constituency has printed a sticker that reads "De-Claire - The North Island - electing a true north islander in 2009" - a reference to New Democrat MLA Claire Trevena.

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I see the North Island Liberals have no qualms about being perceived to be in the pocket of industry (or in their ziplock bags, in this case).

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