Undead attack Krog!

Provincial New Democrat Leonard Krog may have won Nanaimo by 4,569 votes. But Liberals in that riding want their party to know "...we are so not dead!" Constituency association members showed up to the party's biennial convention sporting red and white T-shirts and baseball caps featuring that slogan. Explained Gloria Saunders, "As most people know, Nanaimo went back to being NDP. And nothing's getting done as far as policy or anything is concerned. So we decided we wanted to tell the world we're not dead." According to Ms. Saunders, the association's treasurer Jim Ballard and communications chair Kim Smythe came up with the concept. She also said Liberals in the Harbour City have found a candidate to run against New Democrat incumbent Leonard Krog. But she declined to say who that candidate might be.

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