Critic for the critic?

The next provincial election may still be almost three years away. But our good friend Greg Moore already seems to be getting in shape for another run against New Democrat Mike Farnworth in Port Coqutilam-Burke Mountain. Last month, we reported Mr. Moore skipped his Port Coquitlam council duties to attend an important Liberal fundraiser. And now we've just learned he's moderating the public safety and labour relations policy break-out session at the party's biennial convention. As our our astute readers know, Mr. Farnworth just so happens to be the New Democrat's public safety critic.

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Big deal.

Farnworth is now an incumbent and it's very difficult to get rid of one of those. being chair
of a break out session doesn't have much weight with the people who matter.

Those who vote and are not members of the BC Liberal Party.

Seems this Greg Moore guy is getting over-rated and over exposed.

Farnworth will be re-elected. No question.

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