A capital idea?

Vision Vancouver city councillor Raymond Louie thinks municipalities shouldn't have to pay for Partnerships British Columbia to review their capital projects. Last week, Premier Gordon Campbell announced that, from now on, the government-owned company will be taking a "hard look" at how those projects "might be built as a public-private partnership" - at least in the case of proposals costing $20 million or more and receiving provincial funding. And Partnerships British Columbia hasn't said municipalities won't be paying for that work - news that doesn't sit well with Mr. Louie. "I don't think it's appropriate at all," said the councillor. Such mandatory reviews "would create quite a bit of work for Partnerships British Columbia. And if the city were have to pay for that, that could be a considerable cost. Because, in order to do a proper assessment of a public-private partnership, you need to have a public sector comparator and many other factors added to the equation" - depending on what kind of partnership model is used.

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