Igali-tarian leanings?

Hockey legend Russ Courtnall took to the ice Monday night for the provincial Liberals. As co-chair of the B.C. Liberal Leader's Dinner in Victoria, he delivered the closing remarks for the fundraiser - which was held at the Victoria Conference Centre. Mr. Courtnall made political headlines last year when The Times Colonist's Louise Dickson reported he'd "been approached by the Conservative Party to run for the nomination in the federal riding of Victoria."


He'd be way better off to run for the BCLibs than the CPC. He can make more of a difference to his home province, learn the ropes, and if he wants to go federal, steer clear of this minority mix-up that's sure to fall this year.

But the Cons are desperate for a ex-hockey star to run, just for that extra heaping of Horton cache (altho in private the head honchos hide their Starbuck cups)... Igali will try again, but I'm hoping he'll make a run for the fed Libs. If Courts wants a quiet job where he isn't expected to do much but attend ribbon cutting and stay quiet, he may be perfect Cons' material.

Courts shouldn't get into politics, we don't need someone else using hockey metaphors in speeches . . .

The Courtnall name may not be worth that much. The Courtnall brothers are getting a reputation as clear cut loggers on the Island and up the Sunshine Coast. The lack of consultation with neighbours and the scars they leave may overshadow shooting rubber into a net.

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