And the bill goes to...?

Earlier, we reported on Premier Gordon Campbell's controversial announcement that all new municipal capital projects costing more than $20 million would have to be reviewed by Partnerships British Columbia if they receiving provincial funding. As some of our astute readers may know, that government-owned company operates an internal consultancy, charging public sector clients for its services. Which begs the question: will municipalities be footing the bill for the premier's mandatory reviews or will the provincial government? Partnerships British Columbia has yet to respond to that question - which we posed to them yesterday afternoon. But, regardless, this development is extraordinary good news for the company.

According to its most recent service plan, Partnershps British Columbia includes remaining "commercially viable" and encouraging the "development of the public private partnership market in British Columbia" among its principal goals. And, coincidentally, the premier's announcement will help develop of that market. Funny old world, eh?


Just another ploy to suck taxpayer's money out of their pockets and into private firms. Britain's P3 schemes have proven a failure... they've cost taxpayers more than government controlled projects for numerous reasons (not hard to find). Just another Liberal rip off of BCers. The money of ours they've been throwing away, or giving away, makes the fast ferry overruns look like pocket change.

Funny, twisted, crooked, convoluted old world, eh.


We used to be known as The New World.

Maybe the bill should go to Ken Dobell? Maybe to the Vancouver Point Grey Liberal riding association? Maybe the bill should be paid by whichever private company eventually becomes the Third P?

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