Last week, we reported the federal Conservatives would be hosting a reception at the British Columbia Liberals upcoming biennial convention in Penticton - featuring local parliamentarian Stockwell Day. But it seems the provincial party wants the welcome mat rolled back up. Last week, the Liberals asked and the Conservatives agreed to cancel the hospitality suite.


Ha ha ha ... purr-fick !!

Hospitality suite, yeah right. Try recruitment office. Too bad its been cancelled. Would have been nice to see more of their staff sucked away (onto a sinking ship).

A lot people are gonna feel blue over this.

But few are going to go red in anger of this cancellation.

But that's the "offical" reception that's being cancelled.

The unofficial "hospitality suites" will still be going on.

Bring in the pizzas and cokes and a few cans of Blue into the hotel!

Just shows how far apart the BC Liberals are from the federal Conservative party. Time for a BC Conservative party.

I agree! A BC conservative party is sorely needed in this province...where do I send my donation cheque!

Who would party with Stockwell Day ?

For all you BC Conservative members. Why on earth would any federal Tory support the BC Conservatives. The Province of BC is in good hands with Premier Campbell and his administration. We have good people like Kevin Falcon and Rich Coleman representing our interests.

Having more than one strong free-enterprise will only elect an NDP government. We cannot let that happen again

British Columbia does have a provincial Conservative Party why you would support them is beyond me. They are far right.

Link to their website for interested parties;

"Who would party with Stockwell Day ?"

Some one who is into wet suits and jet skiis?

Silly me, I thought we already had a Socred/CRAP/Alliance/BCLiberal party in government in B.C.

Yes. A Socred/CRAP/Alliance/BCLiberal party that is has yet to see a union it doesnt have a billion bucks for, and is eager to give away all we have in the treaty process. Oh.. wait a minute..

"Just shows how far apart the BC Liberals are from the federal Conservative party. Time for a BC Conservative party."

Considering many BC Liberals are federal Conservatives, there wasn't any real need for the reception, it was more for the political hacks than delegates.

The BC Conservative Provincial Party isn't going be much more than a footnote in a BC political history chapter.

They reached their zenith when Peter Pollen was

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